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Its free upto some extent but money is required to keep it up.

Mbhelpers Plans & pricings.

Choose the best option

You can use this business bosster tool free of cost. But if you need extra limits then you have choose the provided plans.

If your requirment is higher, you can contact your account manager for bigger plans.

Note : Sms/Emails provided with plans are limited. If you need more sms/emails you have to buy exclusivly (Contact account manager).



Never billed. Completly free

You can check services by this free account. Best for those who serve 3 customers / day



Billed annually.

Best option for those who serve 70 new customers / day

Customer Accounts 40/month 200/month 1000/month
Free SMS (India only) 100/month 500/month 2000/month
Free Emails 999/month 3999/month 9999/month
Log Visits 1500/month 6000/month 25000/month
Promotions 2/month 10/month 30/month
Groups 20 (Max) 50 (Max) 200 (Max)
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Sms Pricings

Country Quantity Type Pricing
canada 1000 to 10,000 Promotional 0.25 / sms in ($CAD)
10000 to 100,000 Promotional 0.25 / sms in ($CAD)
america 100 to 1000 Promotional 0.15 / sms in ($USD)
1000 to 50,000 Promotional 0.13 / sms in ($USD)
australia 100 to 1000 Promotional 0.14 / sms in ($AUD)
1000 to 50,000 Promotional 0.12 / sms in ($AUD)
india 1000 to 10,000 Promotional 0.18 / sms in (RS)
10000 to 100,000 Promotional 0.15 / sms in (RS)

Email Pricings

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Contact for customized Solution

If you are looking something else and want to customize it according to your requirment we will do it for you. Please provide the brief of your requirments, our team member will soon contact.

Customization Example :

I want to host this application for my private domain with private database. That will be used only for our company. and want it on different server.


1. We will provide you Virtual private server and host this application on it only for your domain. Admin will provide login details to its user. (Inexpensive)

2. You buy this application with source code and host it anywhere you want only for your private use.

Provide breif information, customization you want.

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