Following are some professions using our service.

Boutique and Designers

Boutique and Designers

Today boutique business is increasing at a very high rate. But with the increase in business also leads to new competitors in this field. So it is very difficult to grow a business without a proper plan which assists you to increase sale and make a place in the market. In this helps you to defeat your competitors and make your business grow.

The following are the benefits of in boutique business.
  • Reminders : Time of completion of task is very important in every business but in a business like boutique it is most important. Give cloths stitched to customers at time make you grow faster. In this makes you to set reminder for every cloth date on which it is to be given and you know about the dates of cloths given. So it makes you more punctual.
  • Alerts service via sms or Email: provides you sms or Email alert service.

Uses of alert service :

  • Promoting sales: you can send sms or Emails to your customers about new designs of cloths, new fashion cloths and also latest styles in trends. You can also send them pictures in Email of new designs of cloths. This increases your sale and also helps you in creating more customers.
  • Get in touch with customer: get in touch with customer is very important in every business. With the help of you send sms for good wishes, festival wishes and other sms to your customers.
  • Offers : in festival season every business gave various types of offers to promote sale. Boutiques also offer discount offers, sale offers and buy one get two free etc to customers. This will be benefited only when your customers know about them but with the help of sms/Email about the new offers and sales is send to the customers and they visit you for shopping

Other Uses of :

  • Records keeping: records are very important in every business. provides you a very economical and simple method for record keeping. By simple filling his/her name you can fill all his/her bill details, past due and also other things you like to record. This also helps you to locate your past customers. By simple filling his/her number all his/her past record is shown to you with details.
  • Salary management: Salary management with the help of is very easy. You will be able to maintain your workers salary record very easily. Workers accounts are maintained with this service and all details relating to his/her salary like past due, advance salary, bonus and also Overtimes are recorded in this. So the chances of misunderstanding are eliminated in this service.

Gyms & Health clubs

Gyms & Health clubs

Mbhelpers is used in many gyms and health clubs.

Benefits of

  • Send sms and email alerts to members about health suggestions, promote new products, advertise new services, new branches and also offers to join club.
  • Remind them about checkup fitness date, remind for due payments and also for special occasions. Also suggest members about new supplements in the market their advantages and disadvantages, new exercises and other healthy foods to eat.
  • Proper maintain records of all joined members, their due and advances and other records.
  • Salary management of all workers can be done very easily. Stationery is eliminated in this service all records are maintained on digital way so the fear of manipulation is eliminated.
  • Be in touch with all past members of the gym with sending him sms about good health, festival sms or other good wishes sms. This creates your bond with member stronger and they feel sense of belonging to the club.

Educational Institutes / Colleges

Educational Institutes / Colleges

Educational institutions are benefited from this service in following ways

  • Send any latest information like fee deposit dates, holidays, exams dates and college functions dates on their Emails and mobile numbers. Create reminder for special days, festivals, occasions and other meeting in the boards. This will alert you at time so no meetings are missed or postponed to another day. will help you to maintain records of all student with very simple way. Student records like his class, date of birth, joining date, mobile number, fee status, course details etc are easily maintained in this service.
  • Salary managing of the all staff is also managed with this service. All the records relating to salary of staff is easily maintained with this service like their past due, advance salary, examination fees or other allowances paid to the teachers. So this also saves time of doing any work relating to account because we don't have to go through past books to check.
  • All the records are maintained in digital way so the risk of loss of books is eliminated. All the records are saved in computer or laptops we don't have to go through all past books to check records to student.
  • It is also very economical way of maintaining accounts because the use of pens, books and stationery is eliminated.

Societies & NGO's

Societies & NGO's

Many societies and NGO's are using this service and also benefited a lot. Some of the benefits are given bellow.

  • provides sms or Email alert service to the user. NGO's and societies use this service to send sms/emails to their members to inform them about society events, parties and others show organized by them. Maintaining record of all members is also very important.
  • With the help of you manage all accounts of all members very easily like their name and date of joining, his/her funds and other details necessary.
  • helps you to maintain all funds records date wise. All funds received and spent are recorded in this service date wise. You can check details of every expense and income.
  • Monthly chart of funds received and spend is also shown with the help of this service.
  • Promotion of societies and NGO's is also done with You can send sms about NGO's working and also for funds required to the public at large for more funds.

Immigration services

Immigration services is the best service to increase immigration services business. With the help of you can create group for various clients and can maintain inquires very easily. You can convert inquires into sales with the help of

Following are some of the main benefits of in immigration services business.

  • Account management: provides you outstanding facility to manage your clients account. You can manage his/her details like DOB, cast, date of visa apply, class and courses choose etc. With the one click you can see all his/her record very easily by filling his/her mobile number.
  • Alert services: provides you alert services by sms/Email alert. You can send sms/Email to your clients regarding any new rules of the immigration, other date of filing, documents submit etc.
  • Reminder services: Reminder services helps you a lot in reminding important meeting, documents submit date etc. you may fix reminders for clients and for yourself also and at the proper time fixed sms/Email will automatically send to the individual.
  • Grouping of clients: provides you grouping facility. With the help of this service you create various groups for different clients like group of clients applied or enquire about Canada, group of clients applied or enquire about Japan etc. and any information regarding this group will be send to all group members by simple one click.
  • Promoting: This service help you in promoting yourself also. You send sms/Emails about new open branches in new cities and other new facilities offered by you to your exiting customers for promoting yourself.
  • Relations with customers: Good and healthy relations with customers are maintained with the help of Sms/Emails service helps you in regular keep in touch with your past and present customers.

Event and Parties organizers

Event and Parties organizers

Events and parties organizers take lot of benefits for

  • Manage customers account: customers accounts is easily maintained with the help of, you may add his/her all detail in this service and at the time of need of information this may be checked with one mouse click only. With the reminder alert service you recover your credit payment very easily because reminder sms of payment will be sending with this service you don't have to go through past books to check credit work.
  • Promotion and advertising: Events and parties organizers need great promotion to increase its business. In this give you many methods of promotion with its sms/email alert facility. You can send sms about your new offers, schemes and other festival discount to your exiting customers and get a huge boost in orders in the time of festivals.
  • Increase orders and better customers relations: Get in touch with customers is become very easy with the help of this service. By this you can retain your past customers and also make new customers in the market.
  • Salary management: number of workers in needed in the business like events parties organizer so it creates lots of problems while giving them salary. A large book of accounts is maintained only for workers. But this problem is solved with the help of Accounts of workers are easily maintained with the help of this service like his/her past salary due, advance salary given to him/her, over time of worker etc.




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