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Today's health care system is increasingly recognizing the importance of improving patient access to care and is embracing the principles of advanced access, or same-day scheduling. Access improvement depends on correctly matching patient demand with appointment supply without a delay and without harming continuity of care.

In other words, it means seeing patients when their needs arise, not bumping them to another day or to another provider. But it is very difficult to handle too many patients daily because their needs, medicines, illness types and other problems take time to examine. The customer who regularly visits hospital or clinic made it more difficult because doctor have to go through all his/ her past data to gave him/her proper medicine. So it makes difficult to see all past record and know about his/her illness and medicine already given to him/her.

Books of record make it difficult to go through all information and sometimes lost of books also create a problem at the time of checkup. But this problem is solved by our service.

Doctors use it as a record book and quick access to their patients past records. Doctor can access past records by filling his/her contact number, our service will shows him all his past records like time of last attend the clinic, medicine name and type, type of decease he/she suffered by and also his/her due payments etc.

This also shows his/her patient's next date for checkup. Doctors also use this service to know about their weekly or monthly income or no. of patents visits the hospital. This helps them to know his total customers and their fees record. (Its optional whether doctors want to keep fee/income records or not.). Our service shows number of customer visits and income on a graph.

Doctor use this service like a record book and send sms alert to their patients about their checkup dates, medicines and precautions to take and good advice about eating and safety.

This service helps them to retain existing customers by regular get in touch with them.
Doctor sends them useful information about what to eat in winters to avoid cold, or what to eat to avoid cancer etc. Doctors use this service to inform his/her patients about future holidays of hospital and other events that took place in the hospital. This makes him/her responsible towards the society and also towards the hospital.

Every new facility that starts in hospital also needs promotion. This service also provides doctors a promotional tool because by sending sms to their existing patients about new started facility who need that facility. Sometimes people don't know about the facility that starts in the hospital but by this site doctor can send sms to their existing patients about the newly start facility and gain more patients. This also helps them to retain their existing patients who visit some other hospital due to lack of facilities.

Soon you will find video which shows you how to get maximum benefits from this service.

Feedbacks by doctors using our service


Mr. K.L Narayan (MBBS)

By using this site I get lots of relief from this troublesome paperwork. When in the seasons of cold and summer lots of patients visit the hospital for their checkup. This make me very upset to handle them and also to give them proper medicine because it's my responsibility to gave them proper medicine. My regular patients also suffers from this because due to paper work this leads to waste of time to check every patients past record and medicine given in past. But, by using this site it became so simple, by entering patients number I know all past information about patients illness record, medicine given in past and also his monthly and yearly visits to hospital. I also send sms to my regular patients about their checkup dates. This makes me a responsible Individual towards my patients.


Dr. Kalayani Gupta

I am a doctor and also run a social service camp. I love to help and serve people. I use this site regularly. Lots of social service camps are being organized in my hospital at different times but due to busy schedule and lack of proper communication with my patients, they can't get much benefit from those all camps but now only with this site I setup remember alert and at the time of camp I send alerts to my patients about camps those are useful to them. People visit the hospital at the time of camps and get as much benefit as they can. Last year I served lots of people with the help of this site. This site also makes me more responsible towards society because now my patients who are not able to afford costly medicines can get medicines free of cost from these all camps


Dr. Yogita sharma

There is a huge rush of patients in my hospital. I'm not able to serve them all in a day. Sometimes some of them go back to their homes or some go to other hospitals for checkup. This makes me very upset and then my close friend suggested me about this site. Really this site helps me a lot to make a good impression on my patients once again. I gave appointments to my patients by simple a sms alert and also change date of appointment at their request by simply sending a sms. So they don't have to come to hospital for appointment. Sometimes I have to go out of station for meetings and other work. This makes a very bad impression at my patients because they have to go back to their homes without checkup. But with the help of this site as I send sms to my all patients who have to visit the hospital today or next day. This makes me and my patients comfortable and also make my bond with my patients unbreakable.






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