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How wholesalers / shopkeepers are using & getting benefits of our service.


Wholesalers / Shopkeepers

Everyone in market need to compete with others. Competition is very tough if you lack to communicate with your customers someone else in the market grab your customers. By using this web service you will be able to be in touch with your customers and retailers very easily.

Following are the things that you will be able to perform here which will help you to increase customer visits and sales. You will be able to compete with your competitors and it will keep you one step ahead from them.

You will get following benefits by using this service:
  • Price, offer and new product alerts for your customers or retailers ( Alert service )
    • Promote new products/services: When you launch some new products or want to deal in some other products you can send alerts about your new product to the customers and use this service like a promotion tool.
    • Send price detail: Wholesalers can use this service to send price alert to their customers. They send price detail to their customers at morning instead of calling them all for price information. This will increase your connection with your customers and also boost your sale.
    • Send offers: You can use this sms or email alerts service to send offers, schemes to the customers. Offers like discount offers, buy one get one free, cash discount and other festivals offers send to the customers on their mobile number/Email. It increases your sales and reorders because offers send at proper time to the customers and they can take benefits from them. It's Easiest - Fastest - Economical way of communication and promotion.
    • Best wishes or other sms: If you want to make strong bond with your customer, use to send sms of good wishes, festival sms and other type of sms to the customers.
  • Reminders and alerts to increase reorders. also provides you service of reminders. You can create reminder for yourself and also for customers. Like, when the customers purchase goods on credit and didn't pay for this can be used to get payment at time as it reminds you and customer about these types of issues. You can create alert for customer and on the scheduled date an sms alert will be send to the creditor to pay the balance amount and this will decrease your bad debits. You also fix reminder for yourself like if you have to make call to customers for payment or reorders. This makes your relation with your dealers or customer stronger give a new way of handling . You can say it is your personal secretary who reminds you and your customer about their duties.
  • Salaries and others type of record keepings.
    Salary management with is very easy. You can mange your employees salary account very easily. You can check salary account of any employee just by filling his number or name, all his past salary record is shown to you like salary advance paid to him or due salary. You can use this as ledger and able to maintain any type of records. You can maintain records for your customers and products providers.
Above are some of examples provided, which tells you some of the benefits of Now you can use this service according to your requirements.

Some other silent benefits of using this service are following.
  • This system will project you as good competitor and make your good will in market.
  • It will help you to decrease your paper work and you can think more about your sales.
  • Safe and secure system to keep your records with you.
  • It will help you at the time when customer comes to you, by simple filling his number you can see all his/her past record.
  • Fastest, efficient and economical way of promotion which gives you instant results.

Feedbacks of Wholesaler and retailers.


Yogesh Electronics and Computer peripherals wholesaler Delhi Nehru place

Hello everyone I am wholesaler of electronic products in Delhi and near areas. I was facing big problem to convey prices of different products and discount offers companies providing on different occasion on their products or target discounts to my 200 dealers. This service solved my problem with just one click I am able to convey whatever I want to them. helps me to remind my dealers about their targets and helps me a lot to boost my product sale. I use this service to send sms alerts and emails to my retailers about new festival schemes; discount offers of festival season. This helps me to keep in touch with my retailers and also tells me their purchasing power and how often they give orders.


Sudhire Cloth Shop Retail Bombay

I would like to give thanks to for providing such a wonderful service. With this service I am able to make my sales just double. It's simple interface provide to promote my business to my existing customer and new customers. Before using this service I was unable to be in touch with my customer. Now its easy to do that by which customer visiting my store more often. and I send new designs of men's/women's cloths to my customers on their email and whenever we want to clear stock we send discount offers to our customers and whenever new stocks arrives we inform about it to our customers. I think everyone should use this to boost up sales.


Vikas Industrialist (T-shirt and Knetwears Factory owner) Ludhiana

I'm a factory owner. I use as my record book to maintain salary accounts of my workers. This helps me a lot to check the salary status of every worker in few seconds I also use this tool for those who are working on per piece based contract. I also use this tool to promote my production to dealers. It helps me to manage my 400 dealers. Before this it was difficult to remember when the dealer placed last order and from how much time he is not giving order, due to which sometime I lost my dealers but now this system reminds me when to call to which dealer for new orders and when they need interaction with me.


Paras Grocery store owner Chandigarh

I use this service to determine my daily income and also daily customers visited my store. With the help of this service at the end of the day I watch all my income details, expenses and also payment to dealers. Alert service benefited me a lot. I make alerts for payment and send sms alerts to my customers for early payment.


Mona boutique owner Jaipur

Hey everyone, I'm Mona and I'm a boutique owner. This service benefited me too. With the alert and reminder service I make reminder of cloths completion date and this reminds me about the time of completion of cloth, so I make all cloths at time. This leads to make goodwill of my boutique because I gave all stitched cloths to my customers at time. I also used this service as promoting and advertising tool. I send emails of new designs and fashion to my exiting customers and it enhance my sales.






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