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Salons became the need of today. Everyone goes to salons for various treatments like hair cutting, facials and manicure etc. but with the increase in need the competition also increases. Day by day new salons are opening at every corner of the city. For the growth of business you have to select right methods for promoting and doing every task of your business. So in this helps you in following ways.

Record keeping: The proper record keeping is very necessary in any business. helps you to keep records of your customers and also of your dealers. You can make record of your customers in service by simply filling his/her name in this service. By filling his/her name all records details will be open and you can fill it according to your requirements and future needs. It can also show you all details of your past customers by filling his/her mobile number.

Alert service: provides you alert services like sms alerts and Email alerts. You can use this service to send sms and emails to your customers and also promote your business with this. Dates alerts to customers- salons owners use this service to send sms alert to their customers about their facial dates, manicure dates and for haircut dates etc. They can send sms to their customers and remind them about their sittings.

Dates alerts to customers: Salon owners use this service to send sms alert to their customers about their facial dates, manicure dates and for haircut dates etc. They send sms to their customers and remind them.

Promote sales: Every business want to promote their sale. helps a lot in promoting sales. You use this alert service to promote your business. With the assistance of you send details to customers about new facility you start in the salon, new branches open in the city and also send sms about cheep facility you offer.

Offers and discounts: Discounts and offers are the main component to attract customers but this will attract customer only when it is known to all. provides you tool to invite them all to get offers and increase sale. You send offers and schemes to your customers on their mobile and Email with the help of this service. This makes your customers know about your latest offers and also get in touch with you.

Get in touch with customers: get in touch with customers is very important I every business. Call them all is very costly but will provide you facility to send them good wishes sms/Email, festival wishes sms/Email. With this they feel belongingness with your salon and feel happy to visit your saloon.

Salary management: helps you to manage accounts of your workers very easily. Just by filling his name or number all past record of employee is shown to you like his advance salary, working hours etc. this will decrease the chances of conflict at the time of salary due.

Handel inquires: Convert inquires into sales is very important. Some times customers come to you for facials and other treatment but lack of sufficient fund or some other reason they don't get your service. With the help of this service you make record of all these inquires and at the time of special days and offers you send sms/email of offers to them and convert inquires into sale.

Reminders: Reminder service is also provided to you. You make reminder for yourself and for customers. You make reminder for payments, holidays and also for special days. Reminder service will alert/remind you at proper time and makes you punctual. You can also use reminder service to remind your creditors for payment.

Feedbacks by beauty salon using our service


Fashion hair salon, Chandigarh

Hello I am Yogesh Jindal owner of Fashion hair salon. I am regular user of this service. I use this site for promoting my salon business. I send sms/Email alert to my customers about new offers like Saturday 40%discount and other seasonal offers to my customers and earn a lot new customers with the help of this service. I also use this for promoting my new services like now we start selling face products in our salon, in this help me by its sms/Email service.


Trendy hair salon, Vancouver

Hey everyone I use this like my record book. I maintain my customer's accounts with the help of this service. This also helps me in salary management of my workers. Nearly 25+ workers are working in my salon, so it's very difficult to maintain book for every worker. In this, help me with it's super simple and timesaving accounts managing facility. With simple procedure I fill customers or workers number in this service and check all his/her past status like payment due or salary advance given.

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