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Today in the world of competition, survival and growth is very difficult but not impossible right decision and right direction may take you to top. Day by day competition increases in all fields. Like everyday new restaurants are opening in every corner of the city. So it is very difficult for new one to grow and survive. For that they have to choose some different ways to attract and keep customers.

Many of them close due to lack of customers or due to lack of proper communication with customers. In restaurant type of business you have to show your customers that you care for them and keep them reminding about your existence. Customer is the main component of every business without the customer no business can grow. Extra care about customers will give you extra sales benefits. So the main focus should be on customers. Making new customers is important but maintaining older ones is also more important.

Just think about the way, you use to remind your customer that it's long time they visited your restaurant or how to convey special occasion in your restaurant to your existing customers. We here tried to provide you the tool which will help you to increase you sales and show you incredible results with in few months. Business cann't grow in days it takes years but right way and direction will help you to boost it up very fast.

Let's see how will help you to boost up sales & customer visits to your restaurant.

Sms alert and Email alerts: provides you sms and email alert service. You now email to your customers and also send sms alerts to them. Which will help you in following ways.

  • Sms about new offers: When you have to give new offers of discount, new schemes, buy one get one free, festival offers, new year offers and other cash discounts you may send sms and email alert to your customers. This increases your sales and also your profit.
  • Sms alert to branches: Sometimes due to change in prices it is very difficult to inform all the branches on phone about all changed prices. But with the help of this service you send price alert to all your branches on their mobile number or Email. It saves your time and also cost.
  • Good wishes sms: This makes your relation with customers more strong. You may send sms about good wishes like good morning sms, festival sms to your customers on festival days.
  • Other alerts and sms (Special occasion): Like someone special visiting to your restaurant or buffee parties organization, Special singer or Band coming to your restaurant, you use sms alert service to inform your exiting customers about this and also invite them to watch special singer or brand. This will enhance your restaurant goodwill and also make your restaurant a brand name in the eyes of customers. You may use this for other alerts like send ordered food at time, purchase orders and inform customers about new dishes.
  • Promotion and advertising: helps you in promotion of business and also advertise your products. You can send information about most popular dishes of your restaurant so that customers think about them and name of your restaurant comes in their mind. New dishes you made and also new opened branches promoted by this amazing service. This helps you to gain more customers because your old customers tell other people about your good service and also about new open branches.
  • Accounts and Salary management: helps you a lot in salary management of your staff and other expense management. You can manage salary accounts of your employees and accounts of your customers very easily. All records about salary due and also advance salary paid are recorded in this. When at the time of salary due you can check old record of employees. If you have hourly employees working in your restaurant you can maintain that as well.
  • Check Growth and income: you can check your growth with this service. With the help of graph of daily visited customers and their bill is shown to you. You can check your daily income, expenses and also number of customers visited to the restaurant and orders placed by the customers.
In this type of business touch with customers is very important. It enhances your restaurant goodwill and also enhance in sales. But it is not possible to contact each and every on phone. But with this service I send sms of good day wishes, best wishes to my customers and they remind my restaurant and visit me. According to me they look me like a friend not restaurant owner.

Feedbacks by doctors using our service


Hot Pizza's (Australia)

I'm Ravinder owner of hot pizza's I use this service to send changes in prices of the dishes we cook. It is very difficult to call all branches and tell them about price changes in various dishes. I use to send sms alert/ Email to send changes in price details to all my Hot Pizza's branches. This is very economical method for me to send details. I use this service to place orders to my suppliers and they also send me about prices of products by service.


Delicious Pizza (Canada)

We have Pizza store in Canada. This is very economical for us to use. We use it like a record book to maintain records to all workers in the pizza store, all customers and dealers. This is very simple to use and I can use this service sitting at my home also. With the help of this service at the end of day or whenever I wish. I check no. of customers visits my all branches, income and sales record and also expenses of the day.


Hardley Resturant (Canada)

With the help of this service we promote our business very fast. We use this service like an advertising tool. Sms/Email service helps us very much in promoting. We send sms about our new cooked dishes, new branches opened and also new offers in festival seasons to our customers on their registered mobile number or mail. We also remind us that some one is waiting for him. This create our bond with our customers more stronger and soon we will also become leading restaurant in Canada






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