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Finance companies

Finance is the need of today's worlds. But it is very difficult to run a finance company because clients forget to pay their loan installments on time. Its very difficult and awkward to call every client to remind them their installments date and its also difficult to keep record on notebook to whom call or to whom not. So this is a major problem faced by finance companies. For maintaining large number of clients more staff also required and this cause high expensive. But maintaining record for each client is also very important. Some of problems are solved by this service.

So let's discuss how will help you to solve some of your problems & its benefits.

  • Record keeping and past records: You can use like a record book. You can use it like your ordinary record book. You may record data like customers loan record, his payment records, due payments, his address and contact details etc. It will help you to keep track that every customer paying their installment on time or not and remind you and your customer about installment date.
  • Alert service: provides you alert service that helps you a lot. You can fix alerts for you and for your clients for installment dates. You can fix alert for clients whose payments are due and it will send alert automatically on fixed date to remind your customer about installment. You can use to send some other type of alerts like increase or decrease in interest rate or some fine imposed on customer.
  • Promotional Alerts: Like other companies, finance companies also offers some schemes on special days. These schemes are sometimes provides to existing clients and sometimes to all general public. With the help of this service you can send new offer to all registered accounts with you.
    Helps you to convert loan enquires into actual customers: Ads in news/TV or some people visit you in office keeping them in your list and sending them regular alerts will help them to remember you and whenever they need loan they will call you. It will help you to keep records of each inquiry and help you to get maximum output from given ads.

Silent benefits which will help you to create your goodwill.

  • Manage salary records of your employees
  • Alerts to your enquiries make your goodwill in market
  • Timely installment will increase your profit
  • Alerts to your client before installment date give them time to arrange money for it.
  • It will help you to keep your records safe and secure here until you don't delete them yourself.
This helps you to make better relationship with clients and leads to a profit.

Feedbacks by Finance companies using our service


Kishore Finace Ltd (Delhi)

Hey everyone, I'm kishore and I use this service to remind my clients about their installment dues. I use sms alert service to remind them all. When at the time of granting loan, I fix all alert times and at fixed time the sms alert will be send to them for payment of installment due. This helps me to get installment money at time and increase my profit.


Gurmeet Loan and Finance

Hello, this site impressed me a lot. I get many new customers with this service. At festival season everyone wants to purchase something new like TV, washing machine, car, bike etc. I gave loan to people at the time of festival on cheep rates of interest and earn a lot. Sms service of helps me in this. I send sms about new and cheep offers to my customers and they tell others people about offers and I gain many new customers.


Ashok loan providers is best site for me to use for salary management and also for account management of my clients. All the accounts of my workers are properly managed with this service. When at the time of payment if anyone ask me about his past status of payment I show him in seconds. It is simplest way of record keeping.






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